• The ARCC

You might not have heard of a group dedicated to both of these pursuits called "The Amateur Radio Caravan & Camping Club" The 'ARCC' for short...

During the course of the year the ARCC holds about twelve to fourteen weekend rallies at various sites up and down the country, Although the club has spread geographically to 23 counties since its formation, many of its members are still drawn from the Midlands and most of the rallies are held within this region, although we do hold several rallies outside of the Midlands especially on extended weekends.

  • Our Rallies

All of our rallies are organised and run by our members and the sites and activities vary accordingly but they cater for a range of interests, one thing that they all have in common is that the sites we choose usually have space to put up good-sized wire aerials to "Play radio" whilst allowing non radio family members to relax and join in the social side of getting away. Most rallies will have some sort of social on Saturday evening, for example bring a plate of food, BBQ or increasingly popular a pub meal, of course no activity is compulsory you do as little or as much as you want.

  • Whole Family

We don't just "Play radio" - we aim to attract the support of the whole family by our activities. This we believe is one good reason that the club has continued to thrive since it was founded back in 1979 by Alan G4EPN, John G4MTP and Roger G8RRB.

The ARCC is affiliated to the R.S.G.B and A.C.C.E.O, an umbrella organisation for clubs holding a "Department of the Environment" Touring Caravan Exemption Certificate. We have no connection with any other body.

  • More Information

If you think that the ARCC might be of interest to you and your family, we will be delighted to let you have more information.

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